San Ignacio – Cayo – Belize



San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize


San Ignacio Belize



There are many things to do and see in the Cayo District including Horse Riding, Hiking and Caving. Take a canoe trip down the tranquil Macal river where you soon feel surrounded by the tropical rainforest and are at one with nature.

Cayo was where the last independent Mayan people lived and many ancient sites can be seen.



Hawksworth Bridge Belize

San Ignacio and its sister-town Santa Elena in the beautiful Cayo district make up Belize’s second largest urban area. The two towns are connected by Belize’s only suspension bridge, the one-lane Hawksworth Bridge across the Macal river, built in 1949. The two are collectively referred to as the “Twin Towns” although San Ignacio has a larger population.


The Charm of San Ignacio

“Tucked away in a valley between two rivers, San Ignacio is a quaint little town filled with culture and beauty. It is surrounded by rolling hills and jungle vegetation.  There is a soft stream that runs through downtown, connected by an emblematic old yellow steel bridge……”   read more

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